House’s rules

We hope that at Can Costals you feel at home and as in every home, there are rules that we ask you to comply with.

We live in a small neighbourhood where all the neighbours get along well, so we ask that they be respected by our guests as well. Drive carefully and slowly through the streets of the neighbourhood, a cat or a dog may cross you. Respect the rest schedule (0:00 – 08:00 h) and we remind you that parties are prohibited.

Our house is surrounded by nature; it is a pride for us and an obligation for everyone to take care of it. It is not allowed to make fire.

Smoking is only allowed outside.

In our house there have always been animals, some are older and need their space, others are very affectionate and seek caresses at all times. They are one more member of the family, we ask that you respect them, they will never hurt them and they are very obedient.

Animals are welcome and it will be a pleasure to see yours playing with ours, but we kindly ask the owners to monitor their behaviour.

Every day we try to improve our work of collaboration with the environment, therefore in all the apartments you will find recycling bins, as well as a small bin for plastic caps. We ask that you be aware of the consumption of water and electricity.

We have worked hard to create a space that can be enjoyable for our clients. Please take care of it so that others can enjoy it just like you. Any damage that is caused will be valued and depending on the severity an extra will be charged at the end of your stay.